Between various essays in THE GREAT CURVE and THE BORDER, I’ve written about albums that I’ve used not-quite-in-the-background for creative work, from various Miles Davis space music recordings from the 1970s (like Bitches Brew and the mid-decade live albums, such as Dark Magus), Lou Reed’s concept disc New York and many more. In this case, it’s about somebody else‘s […]

THE GREAT CURVE 024 curated by Todd Berryman I’ll be the first to admit that every one of the recordings featured in this series are attached to memories. And really, that’s the point: these are albums I’ve lived with for years, and it would be a fair and probably more accurate argument to say that the […]

THE GREAT CURVE 023 curated by Todd Berryman Imagine a band that you’ve liked for a while, and you’ve heard an evolutionary process over a trajectory of catchy pop, but as time has progressed, you’ve noticed it go from more or less conventional, to something unusual about the chord structures, or something about the added […]

THE GREAT CURVE 022 curated by Todd Berryman When you think of deceased musicians, you think of situations like those for Buddy Holly and Jimi Hendrix: after their passings their legacies were somewhat sullied by handlers who really may not have the best interests of their late clients at heart. It can become all about […]

THE GREAT CURVE 021 curated by Todd Berryman As always seems to happen with me, there’s a long story behind this album, but it’s a good one. It’s what happens when you finally, finally find your Holy Grail. And that’s why it’s number 21 in the series, for luck. 🙂 Stealers Wheel Ferguslie Park (1973) […]

THE GREAT CURVE 020 curated by Todd Berryman This relates to another album that has served me well over the years, my first exposure to the title track being late one night during a feature slot on a Louisville-area radio station, sometime around 1987. Traffic The Low Spark of High-Heeled Boys (1971) This album is […]

THE GREAT CURVE 019 curated by Todd Berryman Multiple words have been written about this one. At first they weren’t so glowing…in fact, they were pretty much downright hostile on release more often than not, at least in terms of the critics. On a popular level, there was a different perspective, with US charts finding […]