About Todd Berryman

The “too long, didn’t read” version: trying to interpret the world, one extended groove at a time. 🙂

The Career Rundown:
I’ve been a spinner of tunes over the radio airwaves since 1988, starting with jazz in college, moving to “nostalgia radio” for a few months after that (“oldies” isn’t really a broad enough term here, since I spun some big bands in the process), and then what they used to call “Top 40” for a half-dozen years, off and on. Eventually I landed at 92.3 WTTS (Bloomington/Indianapolis metro) for almost 15 years, two-thirds of which was spent programming and hosting the Sunday morning program OverEasy. I made the move to White River Broadcasting in 2012, and now host mornings on the classic hits station 106.1 The River, and middays on WIN 104.9 (a continuation, more or less, of my work in the 1990s in the Top 40).

And then there’s the writing. I contribute blogs to both 106.1 The River and WIN 104.9, but the music-intensive geek writing stuff resides here.

In the early 1990s, I spent some time writing for newspaper publication, both college and professionally. My first big “get” that was published in newspapers all over was an interview I did with guitarist/inventor/recording pioneer Les Paul. The cattle-call interview found me as number 17 out of 18, and he’d gotten good and tired of answering questions about Jimi Hendrix by the time he got to me…by that point, he was whipping in and out of the interviews, between three and five minutes on a five question limit. My first question to him was the first that pretty much directly addressed HIS career, when I asked him about a reissue album from 1974, and you could HEAR him light up.

Final result: 20 minutes of conversation, including details about his home studio setup, how he recorded in every room of the house, and whether shoes in a murder scene influenced a sound effect on one song.

The best part of the interview might have been the end, when he asked me a question that he asked no one else: “what was your name, again?”

God, I lived off that for years. 🙂

The Things That Drive Me:
I’m a fan of art, Cosmic American Music, traditional jazz (which is to say, NOT smooth jazz or much of the lamer fusion entries), and really, when you get down to it, music that insists on being in the foreground rather than wallpaper. In addition, I enjoy well-written books (primarily non-fiction), documentaries, art-house films, and much, much more. I contain multitudes. Also, a fan of intelligence, a good sense of humor, and a certain undefinable beauty.

Ask yourself this question: if you could be reincarnated as a key musical moment, what would it be? Would you be Charlie Haden’s bassline in an Ornette Coleman song from The Shape of Jazz to Come, would you be the dulcimer at the end of “A Case of You” by Joni Mitchell, would you be Bruce Kaphan’s pedal steel line on an American Music Club song, would you be a blend of percussion, or voices unifying and encoding the mysteries of harmony in a country-rock song? Which moments that made your hair stand on end and your body vibrate like a tuning fork would you like to share with others? This is the kind of stuff I tend to think about, a lot.

In addition, and probably unsurprisingly, I’m fascinated by psychoacoustics, consensus reality, and the implications of the many-worlds interpretation of quantum physics. The environment is a big thing: I truly think that solar energy is something worth exploring and developing, which I’ve thought since President Jimmy Carter lobbied for it during his time in office.


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