THE GREAT CURVE 018 curated by Todd Berryman I mentioned during the essay about Anne Murray’s Love Song that I owned that particular recording in multiple formats…and that led me to start thinking about other albums in my world, about which that is true. There aren’t many of them, but a couple I can say […]

THE GREAT CURVE 017 curated by Todd Berryman Today, we’ve got a crashing-of-the-worlds album, one I first heard on a public radio station out of Louisville as a teenager. Marc Johnson Bass Desires (1985) WFPL was a public radio FM station that struggled to make its way into Washington County, Indiana in the mid-1980s. Trying […]

THE GREAT CURVE 016 curated by Todd Berryman Today’s album was one that was so good, it ended up in my catalog twice – the first time on 8-track, the second time on vinyl as a present for my fifth birthday. Anne Murray Love Song (1974) This was not my first rodeo, when it came […]

THE GREAT CURVE 015 curated by Todd Berryman I remember hearing a song on the radio, fall 1981, and just being blown away by it. A fair part of it was that I was used to hearing this band work in a particular, more reggae-influenced fashion, and this song was unabashed pop. “Every Little Thing […]

THE GREAT CURVE 014 curated by Todd Berryman We’ll go for a pause in the typical action, and actually do another thought experiment. Fair disclosure: this is a slightly modified version of something I wrote about in a Facebook post about three years ago, and it goes hand-in-hand with last week’s “you’ve got limited space, […]

ONE FOR THE ROAD: A SPECIAL EDITION OF THE GREAT CURVE, OR HOW TO GO FROM 12 REVIEWS TO 45 ON THIS PAGE WITH JUST ONE POST, LIKE I’M J.D. BLANKIN’ CONSIDINE curated by Todd Berryman This entry goes to a fantasy that I’ve reconstructed repeatedly over the years, and I was somewhat inspired by […]

THE GREAT CURVE 012 curated by Todd Berryman In fall 1992, paying a visit to see some friends back in my old college town (including my late friend and hardcore cassette fanatic – probably a thousand tapes by the time I’d met him – Brian Haltom, God rest his soul), I ended up in a […]