THE GREAT CURVE 011 curated by Todd Berryman Here’s one I got reacquainted with recently, a story of an album whose musicians – well, at least one – disowned, for reasons I can’t entirely understand, because it’s pretty danged awesome. The La’s (1990) This is one of those albums whose songs can never fail to […]

THE GREAT CURVE 010 curated by Todd Berryman This one’s gonna be a short essay, in part because I’m still exploring all the awesomeness here. And it doesn’t quite fit the usual template, because it’s…well, a concept album, split across one decade, and not a lot of people picked up on it. A conspiracy theory […]

THE GREAT CURVE 009 curated by Todd Berryman Today, we go to late January, 1992, my senior year in college. My roommate Mike was getting ready to move out and do some of his last practical work on an athletic training major, and as something of a last hurrah, he invited me to come hang […]

THE GREAT CURVE 008 curated by Todd Berryman I’ll start with the blunt aspect of this essay: my mom and birth dad divorced when I was three years old. There, now that we’ve got the downer out of the way, today’s album… 🙂 The Best of Chet Atkins (1964) One of the albums left behind […]

THE GREAT CURVE 007 curated by Todd Berryman Let me paint a picture for you. An 8-year-old boy, with thread that was forsaken by his mother, using it to make spiderwebs across his bedroom to allow his toys to play in other dimensions than “on the floor” and find high-wire heights that only Karl Wallenda […]

THE GREAT CURVE 006 curated by Todd Berryman Record collectors and hardcore across-the-board music fans. God bless us, we’re often so enamored with the search that we’ll find astonishing things from sheer dogged determination. We also have been known to be, how can I put it, not the easiest people to get along with, at […]

THE GREAT CURVE 005 curated by Todd Berryman It’s amazing to me, sometimes, how a tragedy can make an album snap into focus for the listener. Take Rufus Wainwright’s Poses, released near the September 11th attacks. That was an album that became an unexpected comfort in those peculiar “eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow […]